Who We Are

We enable you to easily create intuitive mobile based courses that deliver educational and training content to your employees or students on any device, anywhere, using the least amount of data. 

Key Features



Data Light

Our platform is extremely data light and uses under 100kb per chapter. This is particularly relevant as South African mobile data is expensive. 

Cloud Based

Existing in the cloud enables us to deliver a reliable platform to all users across all their devices. As such there is no need to back up or store data locally. 

Powerful Analytics

Our platform comes with powerful analytical tools that enable trainers and educators to gain deep insights into their users progress and learning behaviours. 

Any Device

We use the same web based technologies that people use everyday. This means that our platform will run on absolutely any device with a web browser.

Fully Brandable

Our platform is fully brandable. This enables your business or school to deliver a personal and familiar look and feel to your users complete with your colour scheme and logo.

Easy to Use

Our platform is highly intuitive and requires limited training to author content and manage courses.  

The Power of The Platform

Experience our Interactive Mobile Learning Platform Below. 

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