Study techniques to get you out of your study rut

Are you getting tired of staring at your bland revision notes? Have you read the same paragraph five times but still can’t seem to remember it?

Here are three simple study techniques to liven up your study routine and help you remember your work like you never have before.


  1. Play teacher

Turn your information into questions by breaking your text up into small paragraphs and developing questions for each paragraph as if you are the teacher setting the questions. This can be done using your textbook or your own study notes.

You can use your paragraphs as a memo or you can draw up a separate memo too.

Setting yourself a test may seem like a pointless act, however the very process of developing the questions and the memo will result in you remembering a whole lot of information without even realising it.


  1. Be social

Get together with two or three of your classmates and teach each other the work. Break the chosen subject into sections and divide these sections among yourselves. Each person should go off and thoroughly learn their section as well as think of a way to present it to the other class mates. This is where you can be creative and make a small presentation or drawing.  You also might want to prepare a few questions for them at the end of your session. Just remember to have your model answers ready.

Teaching others is one of the easiest and fastest ways to learn something without even realising it.  It is also fun and social and gives you a break from solitary studying.

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  1. Past papers

Going through past papers can be particularly useful for subjects such as maths and science. Try and get your hands on as many past tests and exams as possible. This allows you to determine if you have actually retained any of the information that you have been staring at for the past hour.

Use the memo to mark yourself afterwards and then take the test again until you achieve 100%. Each time you read through the answers in the memo and analyse it against your own answer, you are learning. Puzzling through how you got an answer wrong will help you remember the correct way next time.

This also helps you to familiarise yourself with how the questions will be set up and asked. It also allow you to see exactly how your teacher wants you to go about answering the question and what they award those extra marks for.

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Happy studying!

Baptiste Chapelle